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Aqua- Relief System (HCPCS Codes #E0217, E0249)

The 3rd generation ARS system

ARSpump Product

Hot Water Therapy Pump

Introducing a New break through in diabetic relief and care

Diabetes and proper care for yourself
Proper foot care and hand care is an important part of diabetes management. In fact, diabetics are prone to problems in these two areas due to lack of circulation, neuropathy, and vulnerabilities. Diabetics also experience discomfort in these areas – pain, coldness, and numbness.
The Aqua-relief system helps relieve the discomfort of achy hands/feet by distributing 105° Fahrenheit water around these areas. The warm water greatly improves circulation and provides relaxing therapy. The Aqua-relief system can also be set to relieve swelling and edema.

Aqua relief system

Aqua Relief System The Aqua relief system is a clinical therapeutic pain management and circulatory improvement system that can be used in the home to help with your diabetes. It's an all-in-one system that combines heat therapy and cold therapy, allowing you to reduce edema/swelling, improve blood circulation and reduce the discomforts associated with Diabetes.

Pain Management ProductDiabetics are prone to circulatory problems in their extremities – hands and feet. The Aqua relief system has patented designed wraps that are fitted around the feet and hands. A diabetic sock/glove is worn first, and then a water bladder fits snuggly around your hands or feet to provide a custom like fit.

“It is like heaven to wear” Donna, Lehman

The Pain Management Benefits:

Pain Management Technology The Aqua Relief ® System delivers pain relief to achy feet or hands due to diabetic neuropathy, arthritic pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a versatile hot/cold pack that will help for both systemic pain conditions as well as part specific pain conditions (knee, back, wrist, shoulder, etc…).

The Diabetic Benefits:

The Aqua Relief System uses 105° F water to help improve blood circulation in the hands and feet. Or, cold water can also be used to reduce swelling that is associated with diabetic neuropathy.

Other benefits:

  • Provides therapy to the affected body part at any desired temperature between 40°F and 105°F
  • Continuous thermal therapy to minimize tissue damage and scarring, to reduce pain and discomfort, and to reduce dependency on pain medication
  • Safe and effective for both the professional practitioner and individual user
  • Long lasting cold therapy due to extra insulation
  • Versatile wraps allow for treatment of any body part. Custom booties and mitts allow for treatment of circulatory and pain problems in the hands and feet

The Aqua-Relief System can be used for the following applications: back, knee, hip, foot and ankle, hand and wrist, shoulder, elbow, chest, breast, face and jaw, head, neck, feet, hands, and other specific applications.

Poor Circulation

Diabetes often leads to peripheral vascular disease that inhibits a person's blood circulation. With this condition, there is a narrowing of the arteries that frequently leads to significantly decreased circulation in the lower part of the legs and the feet. Poor circulation contributes to diabetic foot problems by reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrition supplied to the skin and other tissue, causing injuries to heal poorly. Poor circulation can also lead to swelling and dryness of the foot. Preventing foot complications is more critical for the diabetic patient because poor circulation impairs the healing process and can lead to ulcers, infection, and other serious foot conditions.

What causes ulceration?

The most common cause of chronic leg ulcers is poor blood circulation in the legs. These are known as arterial and venous leg ulcers.

Aqua-Relief – about the device:

  • Cool or warm water is circulated all around the joint providing optimal 360º treatments.
  • Can provide cool water for 6-8 hours or Hot with no-limits.
  • Provides added compression to further reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Reduces chances of skin damage by continuously circulating the fluid.
  • Reduces the mess of standard ice or hot therapy with a self contained unit.
  • Allows movement of the joint without loosing the ice.
  • The machine is re-usable.

Aqua Relief System #ARS2000B
Universal Therapy Pad #TPU
Standard Single Therapy Boot #TPSNG-SM
Large Single Therapy Boot #TPSN-LG
Standard Double Therapy Boot #TPDBL-SM
Large Double Therapy Boot #TPDBL-LG
Back Pad (13”x24”) #TP1324

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